The Story

So one fine day in the middle of the German summer, one was making ones usual pilgrimage to Wacken, listening to metal, drinking beer, talking to randoms. The usual drill really.

One met some chilled dudes from Southern Germany sporting some fine headgear. We talked, drank beer, shouted band names at each other. Again, the usual drill. Then the beer monkey within me decided to borrow the hat. First for hours, then for days.

Lo and behold, upon returning on the final day to return the beast, said chilled dudes suggested that if I loved the thing so much I should keep it. Which I did. Thank you very much.

Little did they know the monster they would create, and the fame and fortune that would shower upon the Brown Hat due to their largess. Little did they know the countries and the festivals that the Brown Hat would wander through. Mayhap one day they will find this site, and recognize the beast from 10 years ago. That would be a fine thing.

The Brown Hat would also like to take this opportunity to salute NOX, without the K, who is also a great appreciator of the Brown Hat, and came quite close being an unwitting recipient for carrying on the Work.

See you at the gigs, festivals and bars!

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