Metal Days 2013

Dodgy drive over aside, and forgetting the CRAP VIP camping, Brutal Assault immediately became one of my favourite festivals! Huge line up, classy venue in a Castle, cave bars, cheap awesome beer, friendly randoms. What is not to like? I can even forgive the downpour. The one HUGE downside? It is held on the same weekend as my OTHER new favourite festival, Party.San. Thrice damned!

Party.San 2014

Party.San was a blast, everything from the happy campers who drove out from England, the mighty Berlin Metal Camp, the Schweine Haxe breakfast and even some bands! Nocturnal, Benediction, Malevolent Creation, Skeletonwitch, Grand Magus and Katatonia, just to name a few.

So much fun I took almost no photos. :-/ There are a few more coming up from contributors, so take a look back in a week or so.